There’s so many brands to get to know in the weed universe, and Jeeter  is just one of those brands.


Jeeter pre roll collection plus the brand’s entire aesthetic is making its mark on the market in more ways than one.


So, how has Jeeter become Skete-like as a topic of conversation in cannabis? Keep reading to learn 5 quick facts you need to know about the fresh kid on the pre roll block!

Jeeter is the #1 pre-roll in California

What’s inside matters most

With California’s climate, it’s perfectly acceptable for cultivators to grow indoors or outdoors. Which fuels the age-old debate of which is better… sun-grown or indoor grown? Jeeter and its parent cultivation company DreamFieldshave taken their stand firmly on the side of indoors, and indoors, only.
One of the brand’s unique claims to fame, is they cultivate 100% of their flower on their 4.2-acre campus found in Desert Hot Springs. On the grounds, you’ll find an 18,000-square-foot facility that handles the brand’s manufacturing, extraction, production, and distribution.
Their no-shake, no-trim pre-rolls feature strains that change seasonally and are all made by hand – from rolling to infusion, to kiefing. “With prerolls, to do it right, for them to burn evenly, it’s a whole art.” co-founder and co-CEO, Lukasz Tracz recently told Forbes. And an art, Jeeter takes seriously.

Celeb worthy smoke circle

So seriously, that celebs were quick to catch on to the quality of Jeeter. From Issa Rae to Dwayne Wade, Ludacris, and The Game, Jeeter’s building itself quite the celeb-worthy smoke circle and fanbase. In fact, the brand’s co-CEOs Tracz and Sebastian Solano, come from the entertainment industry and clearly know how to work it.
From 2018 to 2022, Jeeter has quickly become one of the hippest brands when it comes to industry events and building hype around their exclusive product drops and lineups. One look at their Instagram feed, and we know you’ll agree.

New and infused

But Jeeter is more than just OG ‘Jeeters’. Now, the brand offers a collection of infused pre-rolls that features their coveted Liquid Diamonds. Which Jeeter describes as ‘the cleanest, strongest concentrate on the market’.
The concentrated THCa diamonds are melted into pure oil and help mask the taste of plant material. That means Jeeter’s lineup of infused prerolls provides an exceptional flavor, purity, and potency to enhance your puff, puff, passing routines even more.
Beyond the use of Liquid Diamonds, Jeeter’s infused prerolls are hand-rolled with the same top-shelf indoor-grown flower and are their strongest preroll offerings easily reaching 30% THC. 

To infinity and beyond

In just four years, Jeeter has taken its spot as the fasted growing brand in the preroll category alone. Even staking its claim to the title of best-selling preroll in all of the US, and boasting 40% of California’s total market share.
How did they do it? The brand’s eye-catching designs are one good reason, as is their branding campaigns of exclusive drops, that pay homage to pop culture and nostalgic classics like honoring Kobe Bryant, Mario Kart, and Space Jam’s revival too. While they might not have had ‘affordable’ at the top of their minds, they did keep ‘priceless’ at the top of their priorities.
As Fairfield says best, “We get a buzz going, everyone in the industry is talking about it, and people get to keep the packaging as a collectible.”

Jeeter Juice

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