A journey through the Nepali Himalaya – the highest place on the planet, where cannabis originated millennia ago and still grows wild today – inspired them to reach higher in other areas of life. In this spirit, they founded HIMALAYA in 2015 with one simple goal: create the purest, most authentic cannabis cartridges on the planet. 

Himalaya was founded in Northern California by three friends with a shared love for exploration, adventure and the passion to Go Higher!

Fresh squeezed

The best cannabis concentrates are made by buds on a farm, not people in a factory. 


At HIMALAYA, their job is simple: Get the oil out of the cannabis plant and into the cartridge without messing it up!
Today, Himalay continues to craft naturally potent cannabis concentrates that deliver with authentic flavor and effects of cannabis flower. They partner with small family farmers throughout Northern California to source naturally-cultivated, sun-grown cannabis. They then carefully extract, refine and package it themselves to ensure authenticity and quality. 
Himalaya isn’t owned by a mulit-national corporation, financed by investment bankers, or run by venture capitalists. They became one of California’s top cannabis brands by focusing on what matters: Offering authentic, high quality cartridges and concentrates at an accessible price. 

Original cartridges

Crafted with the full spectrum of authentic cannabis-derived terpenes. 
Natural – Potent – Handcrafted – Vapor refined for maximum potency
The farmer plants the seed, the seed grows the bud, the buds make the Himalaya oil and the Himalaya oil is delicious. 
Himalaya tastes and feels like real cannabis because it is real cannabis. Buds don’t contain artificial flavors, solvents or thinners, so neither does their oil. 
These high-potency cartridges deliver the authentic flavor and effects of cannabis flower. Each batch contains the original cannabis-derived terpenes, painstakingly preserved for your enjoyment. 

You’ll want the live resin sauce

Fresh-from-the-Farm for a Loud, Fresh Flavor
Made with unrefined live resin, our Live Sauce cartridges are rich in terpenes and THCA, just like dabbable live resin! (Live resin is extracted from cannabis that’s flash-frozen immediately after harvest, locking in the flavors of the fresh plant.
Rotating assortment of Sativa, Indica and Hybrid strains, including both popular classics and rare heirloom varieties. 
Sativa- Lucid Blue-(Floral, Blueberry, Citrus), Super Lemon Haze (Lemon, Candy, Lime), and also Strawberry Mimosa (Citrus, Strawberry, Earthy), to name a few. 
Hybrid – Watermelon bears (Honey, Watermelon, floral), THC Bomb (Citrus, Pine, Wood), and also Kush Mints (Mint, Coffee, Pine) 
Indica – Purple Punch (Grape, blueberry, Caramel), Vanilla Frosting (Creamy/desert, orange, sweet), and also Blueberry Cookies (Floral, Sweet, Pine, Blueberry).

If you want something done right…

Himalaya makes every cartridge themselves, so they control exactly what ends up in every Himalaya product.
A surprising number of cannabis cartridges are “white labeled”: the company selling them owns the brand but outsources toe extraction, formulation, filling and packaging to somebody else. It’s impossible to know what’s in oil, where it came from, or how it was made. 
Not at Himalaya. They do not rely on third-party contractors to formulate their oil or fill their cartridges. Nor do they buy “ vape ready” oil from other manufacturers. Because they do that all in-house, they can control the quality and be 100% certain the integrity of every Himalaya cartridge. 

Keep your eyes on the concentrated prize

Himalay extracts live resin concentrates from whole-plant cannabis that’s frozen from fresh at the farm. No trim. 
Like Himalaya cartridges, their dabsare legit. Made without using added flavors, botanical (non-cannabis) terpenes, cured trim, or color remediation.  

Himalaya consistently produces some of the best carts on the market

Himalaya’s talented team includes PhD chemists, experienced university research lab managers, trained chemical engineers, mechanical engineers and the odd pot farmer who are all dedicated to making the safest product on the market. You can’t go wrong with Himalaya!