Treating you right since 1979. Classic, comforting, cannabis. A family business with Santa Cruz soul, dedicated to baking cannabis cookies that are tasty, consistent and effective.

Big Pete's is passionate about riding spreading good vibes, riding waves, building a legal industry and the healing power of cannabis.

Meet Big Pete’s family

Santa Cruz is where it all began. As a young man growing cannabis and baking cookies, Big Pete devoted himself to creating consistent, wonderful edibles that harness the healing power of cannabis-infused butter. After 6 years surfing and enjoying the good vibes in Hawaii, Pete returned to Santa Cruz to start  his business in 2009, focused on helping people with medical cannabis. 
AS the legalization movement swept through the West, Big Pete realized he couldn’t handle everything on his own, his son Pete Jr. and daughter Katie learned how to navigate the uncharted waters of a newly legal, quickly evolving industry.  Big Pete’s treats have entered contests and won awards, earning shelf space in over 100 california dispensaries. Most importantly, positive testimonials from patients affirm that Big Pete’s Treats have helped people in countless ways.      
True Family- other businesses say they are family, but Big Pete’s really is! Owned and operated by the Feurtado family. Big Pete’s Treats believe in creating a legacy of quality in cannabis cookies. 
Locally Made- They love Santa Cruz and sour their cannabis from local farms. They believe building a strong local economy makes the community vibrant and successful.   
Cannabutter- They believe in using time-tested, potent and effective cannabutter recipes to infuse in their cookies, the old fashioned way. Call them crazy, but they like how it feels.

Meet the cookies

Big Pete’s Treats have been delivering medical highs to California since 2009. They make their canna butter by hand to ensure consistent quality. This family business makes cannabis cookies of many strains and flavors, but their award-winning classics like chocolate chips are your best bet. 
Important takeaways:
All cannabinoids  & terpenes intact
Naturally extracted
Solvent free
Easily absorbed
Flavors you can get here at The Bright Spot. They offer both Indica and Sativa so you get the best of both worlds. Available in 10 packs or singles. 
Birthday Cake- For our birthday we asked for EXTRA sprinkles! Celebrating 10 years of Cannabis cookies we introduce our newest flavor, Birthday Cake! A delicious sugar cookie full of rainbow sprinkles. Come celebrate with us.
Cinnamon & Sugar- The Cinnamon & Sugar is a buttery delight. Our simplest cookie, we bake them to perfection to be crispy on the outside and chewy in the middle. Great with coffee and delicious with a glass of milk, these cookies are a favorite to many of our patients.
Peanut Butter- The Peanut Butter cookie is a hearty reminder of home. Dank chunks of peanut-buttery goodness melt in your mouth just like the cookies grandma used to make. Perfect with a glass of milk, these cookies are truly a treat.
Peanut Butter Oatmeal Chocolate Chip- The Peanut Butter Oatmeal Chocolate Chip cookie is a fusion of three greats: Peanut Butter, Oatmeal, and Chocolate Chip. Exploding with taste, it is as eclectic and awesome as our hometown that inspired it. A great texture with loads of flavor, it is one of our tastiest cookies. Milk or coffee are just waiting for you to take a bite.
Chocolate Chip- Big Pete’s Indica Chocolate Chip Mini Cookies are sleepy and soothing. The flavor is satisfying and chocolatey, while the high is balanced and heavy. You can expect some dry eyes, but you’ll probably pass out by the time everything hits you. Needless to say, this is an ideal before-bed treat, or you can nibble on it before hitting the spa.
Also available at Big Pete’s: Lemon, Double Chocolate, and Insane Churro. With Christmas right around the corner they have Sugar cookies when tis’ the season! 

Heat ‘em up, speed ‘em up! Warm up your cookies first and you will metabolize the THC faster. 

Where it all vegan began

Big Pete’s is also vegan friendly, gluten free and all-natural treat infused with full spectrum locally grown cannabis bound to brighten your day and elevate you with ease, and completely vegan and gluten free. 
Wholesome, delicious, soft and chewy. Infused with solventless coconut oil. Sweetened with Agave. This canna-coconut oil is extracted using the same methods as their trusted cannabutter.  
Flavors available:


Strawberry Coconut-  Let’s take a walk to flavor-town. Come cruise the coconut beaches and catch a sweet little strawberry vibe. Nothing too heavy, just some bright clouds on a warm Summer day. It’s a macaroon, a small rich bite of cannabis-infused coconut oil goodness.
Vanilla Almond Coconut- Their Vanilla Almond Coconut Cookie is a macaroon style cookie in a small rich bite of cannabis-infused coconut oil goodness.
With Big Pete’s Vegan Cookies they are:
Plant based ingredients
Gluten free ingredients
Dairy free ingredients

Big Pete’s keeps the community clean

Giving back to the community is part of Big Pete’s Treats core values. Santa Cruz and surfing have always had a special place in their hearts, so in an effort to keep our beloved beaches beautiful they sponsor beach clean-up days to keep our coasts clean. 
Way back in high school, Big Pete led a project to clean up Santa Cruz’s iconic Lighthouse Field, and this spirit has continued into their efforts to encourage good work in the community. By preventing litter from getting into the Monterey Bay, they protect marine wildlife, preserve a  beautiful place and connect with the environment. To date, Big Pete’s Treats has mobilized volunteers to collect litter from 26th avenue beach, Lighthouse Field, Sunny Cove, Cowell’s, Twin Lakes, Highlands Park and Seabright beaches.   


Big Pete loves surfing, so they sponsor promising surfers and partner with local surf organizations to support the local culture that makes Santa Cruz so special. They sponsored surfers like Drake Stanley and Chad Underhill, but they are always looking for new talent!

Winning big awards

Overall, Big Pete’s cookies are a great tasting treat with a strong THC kick. The high it produces is unique in the way it deeply relaxes, yet encourages productivity. You are sure to enjoy how long lasting the high is – and typically only need one cookie to get strong results. Time to put them on the shopping list.  
They are delicious and the texture is perfect, they have the vibe of a traditional pot cookie. 
We relate to something similar when smoking a vape pen, it is generally a quick heady high that dissipates quickly. Smoke a joint on the other hand… you have a full body high that lasts much longer. Big Pete’s sees themselves as “the joint” of edibles.

As you can see, these cookies offer an edible experience that is unlike any other. If you are looking to find renowned edibles from Big Pete’s head over to The Bright Spot.