Where do we begin when it comes to 710 Labs…


710 Labs are award winning Artists obsessed with making the richest flavored, pesticide-free, organically fed, small batch, hand-trimmed cannabis on the planet.


They are the OG’s that hand select and hunt exotic strains from the most renowned breeder, including landrace and single origin seeds that took decades to find.


710 Labs has some of the best flower in California 

There’s a reason their flower is renowned industry wide. They never blind source. They meticulously grow their ladies in house with wholly organic inputs, dry and cure it based on density and trim it by hand to bring you the  most opulent, flavor dense nugs in the market. 
Ever smoke a Gummi? Well with 710 labs flower you can, with the poppin’s strain Gummiez #12. This balanced cross of Jet Fuel Gelato and Peach Ringz is the definition of loud. Its dense buds have that same sheen of bright, sugar-crusted candy, with vibrant shades of green and purple.
Another strain from 710 Labs we like to brag about is the Rainbow Belts, an indica marijuana strain made by crossing Moonbow with Zkittlez. The effects of Rainbow Belts are mostly calming. Consumers say this strain offers a euphoric high that leaves you feeling happy and relaxed.
Then there are the joints. They break the nugs by hand, they roll with a gluten free rotini noodle for the best airflow; no abrasive grinders, no cones or machine fills. They use all organic flower from their premium top colas, no lowers, no shake, perfect bud to paper ratio, sealed in air-tight jars, prepared fresh weekly.    


They have some terpy vapes

Take a dab from a vape. No distillate, no alterations. They celebrate the plant’s naturally produced cannabinoids and flavors. Their vape is a high terpene fraction of their resin extract. We use only medical grade materials with no heavy metal leaching into the hash. Cleanest vape in the business.  

Taking the first hit, you can taste the live resin right away. What we love about these pods is that they really do live up to their expectations, tasting pure and natural. Having tried many different cartridges filled with flavored distillate, this pod is one of the few that gives an all-natural and clean taste. We highly recommend the Old Family Purple x Chrome #27, one of our favorites here at The Bright Spot in Fairfield Ca. 


Their gummies are out of this world

Their hash rosin gummi’s are made from the rosin we dab so frequently. Each batch is cultivator specific, without any added flavor, and will taste exactly how nature intended. All natural, full spectrum, vegan, handmade in San Francisco.     
The 710 Labs Gummi comes in a 100mg package of 10 gummies. Each gummi is packed with 10mg of THC and loaded with mouth-watering terpenes. Due to the solventless extracts used, each gummi tastes like the plant it was extracted from.
Experience a cannabis gummy like no other by tasting the plant in gummy form like you were biting into a fresh cannabis bud.

Lord, have Persy! 

Rosin – A solventless refinement process that presses the cannabis (hash or flower) between two heated metal plates. DOne just right the results are a gorgeous golden-white or yellow oil or budder. Available in Persy, 1st press and 2nd press.    
Percy Sauce – Percy Sauce is another form of their Percy Rosin.  Squished only from the finest spectrum of Trichomes from the first wash producing a very flavorful solventless extract. This form of our Percy features a separation of terpenes into a liquid and crystallization of THCA into solid crystals, then recombined into your jar. Some of the top flavors you will find in the Percy Sauce are: Donny Burger, Randy Watzon #13, and Sour Tangie. 

It’s all about the sauce


SAUCE – Hydrocarbon solvents help 710 Labs extract terpenes and cannabinoids from cannabis plant matter. Their particularly meticulous process is able to extract the terpenes and the THC/THCA only (no micro plant matters, fats or lipids here). It usually takes around six weeks to grow the proper crystals. Every batch of 710 live resin is tested for potency and flavor with the strictest standards, period.      
BADDER – Hydrocarbons help them create an extract with whipped cake badder consistency, often described as one of their smoothest extracts. 
SUGAR – Their sugar is a solvent cased extract, that contains micro crystals of THC, similar in size to grains of sugar or salt, floating in terpenes and flavonoids. We love this form of hydrocarbon extract for the perfect ratio and terpenes to the THC you effortlessly scoop with each dab.      


Waterhash – A truly OG old-world hash method of resin separation using ice, water and little agitation. They have worked to perfect the process, so that they can isolate just the trichome heads to produce the cleanest translucent sat at room temp.  
Rosin SAP –  A very stable form of their solventless extracts. The sap will always be a loose honey like consistency and very flavorful. One of their favorite things to do with rosin sap is dip theri dabs into it or spread it onto joints for an additional high and new flavor experience. They will also have a version of the rosin sap available called Persy SAP. Squished only from the finest spectrum of trichomes from the first wash.   

Continuously pushing out good quality products that are promoted with fun, engaging branding is the telltale mark of having made it in the cannabis industry. But behind that forward-facing magic is another important component at play that needs to be considered: company culture. For 710 Labs, exceptional products and the best vibes go hand-in-hand.