Light Fixtures in the Closeout Room
We sell the best Light Fixtures , Lamps, Lighting, Chandeliers, Sconces, Outdoor Lanterns from manufacturers like Kichler, Quoizel, Mica Lamp Company, Arroyo, Framburg and Dale Tiffany

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Arroyo Craftsman AS-12
Arroyo Craftsman AS-12SPEC Asheville 12" Sconce
Regular Price: $238.00
On Sale For: $169.00 
Arroyo Craftsman EMBL
Arroyo Craftsman EMBLSPEC Evergreen Arch Longbody Mailbox
Regular Price: $262.00
On Sale For: $199.00 
Dale Tiffany TF10746
Dale Tiffany TF10746 Craftsman Mica Floor Lamp
Regular Price: $295.00
On Sale For: $219.00 
ELK Lighting 66335-3
ELK Lighting 66335-3 Restoration Clear Glass Semi Flush
Price: $90.00 
ELK Lighting 421721
ELK Lighting 42172-1 Kanso Double Roof Chain Hung
Price: $258.00 
Elysburg Semi Flush
ELK Lighting 7643-2 Elysburg Semi Flush Ceiling Light
Price: $130.00 
ELK Lighting Arrowhead Mission Semi
ELK Lighting 935-CB Arrowhead Semi Flush
Price: $258.00 
Emerson Fans CF930OEB
Emerson CF930ORB Atomically Ceiling Fan
Price: $349.00 
Emerson Fan CF130ORB
Emerson Fan CF130ORB Tilo Small Space Ceiling Fan
Price: $154.00 
Framburg 8942
Framburg 8942 Metro 2-Light Vanity Bar
Price: $176.00 
Framburg 8943
Framburg 8943 Metro 3-Light Vanity Light
Price: $224.00 
Kenroy 20941CB
Kenroy 20941CB Theta Swing Arm Floor
Regular Price: $151.20
On Sale For: $99.20 
Tannery Bronze Extra Bright Semi Flush 3122TZ
Kichler 3122TZ Tannery Bronze Extra Bright Semi Flush
Price: $98.00 
Kichler Clip 13" Flush
Kichler 7003OZ Clip Flush Mount
Price: $92.40 
Kichler 70756BCZ
Kichler 70756BCZ Cantilever Table Lamp
Price: $180.00 
Kichler 74256BCZ
Kichler 74256BCZ Cantilever Floor Lamp
Price: $268.00 
Chicago Round Roof 15"
Kichler 9367AGZ Chicago Outdoor Lantern
Price: $308.00 
Kichler 9611
Kichler 9611 Contractors Wall Mount Lantern
Price: $45.00 
Lite Source LS21767 Inglenook 24"
Lite Source 21767 Inglenook Table Lamp
Price: $202.00 
Lite Source 80812
Lite Source 80812 Hourglass Mission Floor Lamp
Regular Price: $433.00
On Sale For: $359.00 
Lite Source C41236
Lite Source C41236 Everley Antique Garden Table Lamp
Regular Price: $385.00
On Sale For: $285.00 
Rancher's Mica Walnut
Lite Source LS-20474 Rancher's Mica Walnut Table Lamp
Regular Price: $182.00
On Sale For: $129.00 
Hourglass Mission Table
Lite Source LS-20812 Hourglass Mission Table Lamp
Price: $305.00 
Maxim MX4059HOBU Craftsman Mission 9" Flush
Maxim Lighting 4059HOBU Craftsman Mission Flush Mount
Price: $99.99 
Minka Lavery 8251-94
Minka Lavery 8251-94 Cranston Small Outdoor Lantern
Regular Price: $48.90
On Sale For: $39.99 
Minka-Lavery MI8725-A615B
Minka-Lavery 8725-A615B Beacon Rhodes Column Mount Outdoor Lantern
Regular Price: $195.90
On Sale For: $145.90 
General Purpose 300-watt  Ceiling Light
Progress Lighting P4610-30 General Purpose Ceiling Light
Price: $48.99 
Quoizel TFLM9360WT
Quoizel Circles Floor & Table Lamp Combo
Regular Price: $429.99
On Sale For: $198.00 
Quoizel MC120T
Quoizel MC120T The Highlands Soft Green Table Lamp
Price: $299.99 
Quoizel TF1179TVB
Quoizel TF1179TVB Hammond Oval Shaded Table Lamp
Regular Price: $289.99
On Sale For: $177.99 
Quoizel TF1181TVA
Quoizel TF1181TVA Destiny Desert Mission Table Lamp
Price: $279.99 
Quoizel TF1273SRS
Quoizel TF1273SRS Jeweled Dragonfly Semi Flush
Regular Price: $199.99
On Sale For: $135.99 
Quoizel TF1427T
Quoizel TF1427T Bryant Classic Mission Table Lamp
Price: $159.99 
Quoizel TF1577TIB
Quoizel TF1577TIB Weston Lion’s Paw Base Table Lamp
Regular Price: $199.99
On Sale For: $139.99 
Quoizel TF6033VB
Quoizel TF6033VB Fred the Lounging Frog
Regular Price: $49.99
On Sale For: $44.99 
Quoizel TFLM9360WT
Quoizel TFLM6225WT Circles Table Lamp
Regular Price: $189.99
On Sale For: $99.00 
Quoizel TFLM9360WT
Quoizel TFLM9360WT Circles Floor Lamp
Regular Price: $259.99
On Sale For: $99.00 
Quoizel TFX839Y
Quoizel TFX839Y Ellie the Circus Elephant
Regular Price: $49.99
On Sale For: $39.99 
Quoizel TY8702WT
Quoizel TY8702WT Taylor Halogen 2-Light Vanity Light
Regular Price: $139.99
On Sale For: $85.99 
Quoizel VR1501PN
Quoizel VR1501PN Venture Mini Pendant
Regular Price: $149.99
On Sale For: $95.99 
Mission Column Mount T-Bar
Southern California Lighting ECM12SPEC Mission Column Mount T-Bar
Regular Price: $184.00
On Sale For: $125.00 
Z-Lite Z14-45TL
Z-Lite Z14-45TL Shalimar Mission Table Lamp
Price: $288.00 
Z-Lite Z16-42TL
Z-Lite Z16-42TL Moa 200-Watt Table Lamp
Regular Price: $324.00
On Sale For: $295.00 
Z-Lite Z18-45FL
Z-Lite Z18-45FL Shalimar Mission 300-watt Floor Lamp
Price: $424.00 
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